New Subaru Forester 2024 Changes, Colors, Price

New Subaru Forester 2024 Changes, Colors, PriceThe New Subaru Forester 2024 is a top-selling vehicle, surpassing even the Outback midsize SUV. The 2024 Subaru Forester, now fifth generation, is likely to be a carryover from last year. The EPA estimates that the new Wilderness model will be joining it, returning combined fuel efficiency of 26 mpg. You can choose from Base, Premium, Sport, or Limited trims of the Forester.

All models include a 2.5L Boxer-4 engine with AWD. When the 2024 Subaru Forester goes on sale in the fall of 2024, it will be priced at around $25,000. The compact SUV is priced at the same price as other top-selling models in the segment, such as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Chevrolet Equinox.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Redesign

Exterior Design

Subaru Forester is an SUV that has understated looks. Subaru has remained relevant over the years, even though it has not adapted to the latest trends. The New Subaru Forester 2024 might see a facelift, while the taillight arrangement may be reworked. Exterior changes are limited to the Forester 2024. With a muscular hood, aggressive headlights, and a sleek design, the 2024 model looks fantastic.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Exterior
New Subaru Forester 2024 Exterior

It is pretty impressive how the body panels can penetrate into the taillights. The Forester’s Sport trim looks excellent from the inside as well as the outside. Subaru may unveil the “Wilderness Edition,” which will feature ruggeder looks and bigger tires. The cargo bed has plenty of space underneath for hiding things. It has a power liftgate, just like every SUV.

Subaru must do something to stand out from Honda and Toyota, which both have desirable SUVs. The Forster has an 8.7-inch ground clearance, which is significantly higher than other rivals. Forester’s higher ground clearance makes it possible to offer the best off-road capability among its rivals.

Interior Design

Overall, the Subaru Forester’s interior is charming. The silver accents are complemented by soft-touch plastic and leather. It is very different because the dashboard has a small display at the top that displays the fuel economy and range. You can also display infotainment information. Only the on-steering controls can control this display.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Interior
New Subaru Forester 2024 Interior

The instrument cluster consists of the two usual analog dials as well as a driver’s display. The cabin has some plastic bits and a golf ball-like texture on the center console. Orange accents are used on the center console and around the A/C vents in the Sport trim’s interior. While the cloth upholstery on the base trim looks excellent, the Limited and Touring trims have better leather upholstery.

The leather used on the seats isn’t too soft. It is made to withstand wear and tear. All trims except the base trim have power-adjustable driver’s seats. Passengers will need to manually adjust theirs. The seats are well-padded and offer enough leg and knee space. The Forester’s second-row shines. However, the knee room is incredible, but you’ll need to move your feet forward to get excellent thigh support.

Although the seats are pretty flat, you can’t expect anything at this price. Forester’s boot space is 31.1 cubic feet. It will not change in the coming year. The CR-V has the largest cargo capacity and a spacious cabin. The 2024 Forester has a 6.5-inch display on its base trim, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. We may see an upgrade to the infotainment system.

An 8-inch screen is available, and Harmon Kardon can be added as an option. The 2024 model’s screen has a glass panel that reflects a lot of light. The same goes for the switches. Although it looks premium, it attracts a lot of fingerprints and smudges. Anti-glare displays with at least 12 inches are expected. It’s a popular trend nowadays. A matte coating will also work well for switches.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Engine

A new 2.4L turbocharged engine could be added to the 2024 Forester. It is currently used in Subaru Outback. We still have the 2.5L H-4 if that happens. The 2024 Forester’s drivetrain will have the same AWD standard for all trims. The 2024 model’s 2.5L H-4 engine produces 182 horsepower and 176 lb-ft of torque. It is mated with a CVT transmission. This engine’s overall performance is slow. This engine is not designed to perform, but it will get you from A to B. It does this well enough. You can hear the engine roaring if you put your foot on the pedal, but it doesn’t reflect in real-time acceleration.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Engine
New Subaru Forester 2024 Engine

This SUV’s driving dynamics are simple. Although the steering response is good, it’s not exceptional. Subaru claims that they have added unique damping material to the cabin and glass. This shows in the way the wind noise is well contained on the highway. Although the suspension is quite soft for a family vehicle, it could have used more damping.

New Subaru Forester 2024 Price and Release Date

There will be minor changes to the 2024 Subaru Forester. The manufacturer has essentially updated its front fascia and added new techs inside. Subaru revealed recently that Forester will be available for purchase in the second half of next year. Subaru will likely remove Forester’s wrapping soon and bring it to market. It will likely remain the same price as it was before. The base model is currently priced at $24,795, while Touring trims start at $35,945.